Lesson Fees

* One Hour Private - $65.00
* One Hour Group - $47.00 Please inquire if interested.

Horse Show Rates

* Coaching/day- $60.00
* Catch riding- Single Hunter Class or Dressage Class/day- $45.00
* TouchStone Farms Inc Horse Use Fee/day- $30.00
* Stall Cleaning (optional)/day- $25.00
* Feeding and Watering(Mandatory)/day- $25.00
* Full Care (Stall Cleaning, Feeding and Watering)/day- $40.00
* Trailering- In Boulder County $55.00/horse, outside of Boulder County- $1.50/mile
* When signing up for a horse show a non-refundable fee of $50.00 is due at time of sign-up. This deposit will be applied to any horse use fees, coaching, and trailering expenses that are incurred. If you change your mind about attending the show this deposit will be forfeited.
TouchStone Farms operates at Academy Stables